Brighton Sunset

Search for an epic sunset continues… With the madness storms in Melbourne over the last couple of days, I thought I may get lucky with an awesome sunset or two. I decided to head to Brighton Sunday night as the storms rolled in after a hot 36 degree day. The place was packed! Found a spot and hoped for some awesome colours as the sun […]

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NWPL Victorian Seals – Round1

Water polo is back! Shooting sports is another of my passions, shooting the sport I play is a match made in heaven! I’m helping out the Victorian Seals National Water Polo League Club who kicked off this season with a bang. Literally. The club had organised fireworks, smoke systems and array or other entertainment for the #BeyondBlueCup – a charity event to support the BeyondBlue […]

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Lagoon Pier – Port Melbourne

Finally catching up on some blog entries! Decided to head down to Port Melbourne and capture sunset on this night. It was a little windy, but it looked like it may be an ok sunset with some scattered cloud hanging around. I missed the most epic sunset only a week before, well I saw it, I just didn’t capture it! So I’m now on a […]

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The 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles (or 6 now) are something that I have had on my ‘shoot list’ for a while now. I just hadn’t had the time or motivation to get down there! Well, this week I was playing tourist guide (a not very good one I might add) for a friend of mine and the Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles are on most visitors’ […]

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So had a quick stop in Sydney on the way back from Vanuatu over the Christmas break and managed to capture a couple of shots at sunrise of some of the most iconic things in the whole country. I was a little late at getting up, but did get up just in time to get the sun rising over the harbour and behind the Opera […]

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North Queensland – (4) Port Douglas, Mossman and Palm Cove

I headed up to Port Douglas and Palm Cove for the last part of the trip. Having never been there before, I was keen to explore and experience the place.The main goal while I was up there was to visit the Mossman Gorge after seeing some pretty great photos on the net from there. The second morning I was up before sunrise (again) and jumped […]

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North Queensland – (3) Atherton Tablelands

Part 3 of the Tropical North Queensland tour took me down to the Atherton Tablelands; the home of some pretty amazing waterfalls. The trip along the Gillies Hwy proved a test for my head which was spinning after the winding road trip through the mountains. Arrived by late arvo and dropped the bags off at the motel, then set off for the waterfall circuit track […]

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North Queensland – (2) Fitzroy Island

Welcome to paradise! This place is one of the most amazing places I have ever been too. A 45min ferry ride from Cairns, Fitzroy Island was once used as a quarantine station for Chinese immigrants during the gold rush. It was also used as an outpost during WWII with its wide ranging views out over the reef. Now, it houses a resort and turtle sanctuary. […]

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North Queensland – (1) Cairns

Somehow I ended up with a bit too much holiday leave from my usual day job; not a bad position to be in. Got told to bugger off for a bit so decided to venture north on a bit of photography trip. One of my favorite photographers Peter LIK had a million amazing shots from up there. In particular was a shot from a place […]

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Let there be light!

One lesson I’ve learnt with photography is that light is everything. I finally invested in some studio lighting and backdrops to play around with and learn some new techniques. Unfortunately one of the bulbs had smashed on the way so could only play with one of the softboxes. This still allowed me to capture a couple of shots of some objects lying around. This is […]

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