Products and Printing Info


Photographic prints are available in a range of sizes.

Acrylic Blocks

Free standing acrylic block

The print is printed and attached to a 3cm thick acrylic block. The block is free standing and provides a 3D effect to the image. This is one cool little way of framing the print and is perfect for a desk or shelf of some sort.




Glass / Acrylic Prints

1X0A9657Taking advantage in the latest in printing technology, the image is printed and then mounted directly onto a glass or acrylic panel. This is the most vibrant display method and has a very modern feel with the print appearing to float off the wall. The colours don’t only pop out of the picture, but they are completely sealed from the air which increases the life of the print.

Acrylic is a great alternative to glass and is lighter and easier to handle. It does scratch a little easier so extra care needs to be taken. There are two mounting options available:

Pin Fixed Mounting:

The print is supplied with 4 x holes and 4 x 19mm diameter fixing and mountings and a mounting template to assist in installation

Concealed Fixing:

The print is supplied with one concealed mounting plate attached to the rear of the print. One additional mounting plate is supplied for you to fix to the wall. You simply follow the instructions supplied and install the mounting plate on the wall and mount your print. No mountings are visible and there is minimal damage to your wall.


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