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Tasmania East Coast – Freycinet

I finally had the time to get down to Tasmania for a small photo trip. Planning out the itinerary, you don’t realise how big Tassie actually is! I had to cull down a few spots on the to-see list to fit things in for the 9 days I was there. I ended up settling to mostly the east coast to cover Freycinet and the Bay […]


Sunshine Coast

Another quick trip, this time up to the Sunshine Coast for a bit of a break and photo opportunity. I was looking forward to escaping the cold weather of Melbourne and getting a bit of sun…. but the weather had other ideas and unfortunately was windy and rainy for most of the time! Making the most of it, I went on a bit of drive […]



I was lucky enough to get up to the Northern Territory for a quick 4 day escape in November. Uluru (Ayres Rock) has always been on my photo bucket list, so I was pretty excited to be able to see it in person. It is huge! A lot bigger than I thought it was anyway. The base walk around the bottom is just over 10Kms […]


Bridgewater Bay

On the search for another sunset spot; this time further down the Mornington Peninsula cost at a place called Blairgowrie. Around the backside facing Bass Strait there is a place called Bridgewater Bay. This spot is a little popular with photographers as it provides some great long exposure opportunities with many rock formations and the sun setting in the backdrop. I was a little pessimistic […]


Seaford Pier

After a bit of a lull in shooting, I kicked myself into gear and jumped onto google maps to try and find a new great spot to capture at sunset. I wanted something pointing West where the sun would set, so looked over towards the east part of Port Phillip Bay. Google maps is so handy! Found Seaford Pier which looked perfect – it was […]



Had a quick escape up north to Hamilton Island to flee the cold winter in Melbourne. The weather was perfect for the first couple of days, so made the most of it getting up early for some sunrises and taking a helicopter trip out to Hardy Reef via Whitehaven beach; something that has been on my photo to-do list for a while now. The first […]


Brighton Sunset

Search for an epic sunset continues… With the madness storms in Melbourne over the last couple of days, I thought I may get lucky with an awesome sunset or two. I decided to head to Brighton Sunday night as the storms rolled in after a hot 36 degree day. The place was packed! Found a spot and hoped for some awesome colours as the sun […]


Lagoon Pier – Port Melbourne

Finally catching up on some blog entries! Decided to head down to Port Melbourne and capture sunset on this night. It was a little windy, but it looked like it may be an ok sunset with some scattered cloud hanging around. I missed the most epic sunset only a week before, well I saw it, I just didn’t capture it! So I’m now on a […]


The 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles (or 6 now) are something that I have had on my ‘shoot list’ for a while now. I just hadn’t had the time or motivation to get down there! Well, this week I was playing tourist guide (a not very good one I might add) for a friend of mine and the Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles are on most visitors’ […]



So had a quick stop in Sydney on the way back from Vanuatu over the Christmas break and managed to capture a couple of shots at sunrise of some of the most iconic things in the whole country. I was a little late at getting up, but did get up just in time to get the sun rising over the harbour and behind the Opera […]