Seaford Pier

After a bit of a lull in shooting, I kicked myself into gear and jumped onto google maps to try and find a new great spot to capture at sunset. I wanted something pointing West where the sun would set, so looked over towards the east part of Port Phillip Bay. Google maps is so handy! Found Seaford Pier which looked perfect – it was now just a matter of picking the right night. The day i decided to go was picture perfect weather wise, but almost cloudless; not ideal. Jumped in the car for the 40minute drive down hoping the sunset gods would look after me. Noticed a few high light clouds around and my hopes were raised. I got down there about an hour before the sun was due to set to scout out some angles as I’m a planner haha. Anyway, below are some of the shots I took. The sunset was spectacular and the 30 minutes after it set the colours really exploded.

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