I was lucky enough to get up to the Northern Territory for a quick 4 day escape in November. Uluru (Ayres Rock) has always been on my photo bucket list, so I was pretty excited to be able to see it in person. It is huge! A lot bigger than I thought it was anyway. The base walk around the bottom is just over 10Kms and my legs told me about this the next day… I must be getting old. It definitely has a magical aura about it and as you walk around you can’t help but feel a connection. If you haven’t visited Uluru, I would highly recommend it!

We hired a car from the airport which proved invaluable. This allowed me to get where i wanted to be without worrying about tour buses or anyone else. There are some great spots to photograph Uluru. Depending on the shot, there are two designated parking areas for viewing the rock at either sunrise or sunset. When we were there, the Field of Lights display was also on and was an amazing sight! The colours that appear when watching the rock as the sun sets is just incredible.

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